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This is the Kelly Kapoor Story Hour
Oh my god, I have so much to tell you!!!
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14th-Aug-2015 06:29 pm - voicemail
[pos] miss sass
"Oh my god hi! This is Kelly's voicemail. I am so sorry I wasn't here to take your call, but let's totally catch up later, okay? But you have to leave your name and stuff first! 'Cause, like, I know that like, caller ID or whatever'll tell me who called, but what if you've never called before? Then it'll just say numbers, and I don't know all the phone numbers in the world, you know? So just leave a message, okay, and I'll call you back as sooooon as I can! Byeeeee!!"

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25th-Sep-2009 08:45 am - Room 411 [afternoon]
[spe] tweet tweet
Kelly was flipping through a magazine, looking at new ways to do her hair, when it happened.

She, admittedly, had kind of been preening, and sure, she'd been talking aloud to no one. These were normal practices for Kelly.

That being said, she didn't think it was fair that she suddenly turned into a parakeet. She'd just been a boy. This was like, so ridiculously unfair.

['stablishy unless the roomie wants in!]
18th-Sep-2009 08:20 pm - Room 411 [Friday evening]
[pos] i can do thinking things.
Kelly, like, knew there was a party or something, but she like was way too engrossed in other things for right now.

She'd taken the credit card her parents had given her (soooo much better than juvie, you guys) and bought herself a laptop. It was like, SOOOOO adorable.

And she like, didn't know anything about computers, but like, pink was the best color, okay? So anyway, today was being spent putting music on it and discovering YouTube.

Discovering YouTube for awhile, actually. And Kelly kept coming to conclusions. "Kanye West is a mean man, and his head looks like aliens were trying to land there or something, omigod!"

And so forth.

The door was open.

[I'm probably going to a movie around 9:30 or so, unless I decide bed is too comfy to move out of it! but open!]
31st-Aug-2009 12:02 pm - Room 411 [Monday morning]
[pos] squeefulness!
Kelly finally, finally, finally made it to the school. Somewhere between the shuttle and the island, she'd wandered off, and had spent the last two days investigating the malls of the area and spending her dad's money on hotels (and subsequently, minibars.)

When she had finally figured out where she was, she had sighed and made her way to the island. Finding her dorm room had been hard; she'd thought about just wandering around knocking on doors and seeing if she could make a friend to live with, but she finally spotted the list.

Finding that, she let out a little squeak of, "OH MY GOD I'M LIVING WITH A BOY!!!" before making her way upstairs. It took her a bit to find her room (hallways were, like, so confusing) and when she did, she immediately threw her things on her side of the room and cranked up some bouncy 90s club music, and thus proceeded to break in her room by having a one-person dance party in there while she unpacked. It helped that she sang along with all the songs.

[Yeah, Kelly's finally here. Stupid work and head injury this weekend! DOOR AND POST ARE BOTH OPEN.]
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